Reaction to Change Indicator™

...a tool to help you deal with change and uncertainty


Our innovative self-rating indicator explores the way in which people react to change. This powerful tool provides a valuable overall profile and an insight to individuals preferred ways of handling change. The indicator comes complete with a 12 page colour handbook to help people manage themselves and others through change and to improve teamwork.

Analysing your people's reaction patterns

People discover the positive roles they play and what causes them to feel stressed in a changing environment. Armed with this knowledge your people will be able to handle change more productively, adapting their style to avoid conflict and ultimately deliver successful outcomes for themselves, their team and the organisation.

You can use it to:

  • Help people deal with change and uncertainty
  • Understand your own and others reactions
  • Facilitate team development
  • Plan personal development


  • Discover how each of your people reacts to change
  • Identify individual approaches to change
  • Avoid style conflict
  • Realise key strengths
  • Improve overall performance
  • Increase the pace of change

Organisations who have used the RCI™ include:

Mars Food UK, PwC, Thales, NHS Trusts and BAE Systems.

"The Reaction to Change questionnaire was incorporated into a recently launched ‘Leading Change’ workshop by Salford City Council. Managers were issued with the questionnaire two weeks before the workshop and asked to complete it and bring it along for discussion. All were happy to discuss their findings and found it useful and revealing, particularly when delivering change messages.  It also reaffirmed to some that they were taking the correct approach."

Mike Darbyshire Senior Training Officer Corporate Change Team Customer & Support Services