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This course is also available in-house
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Qualification available with course CMI Level 7 Certificate in Professional Consulting


This Consulting Skills training course provides a practical toolkit for both internal and external consultants helping you to operate successfully as a consultant.  Delivered by our MD, Philip Albon, co-author of Consulting for Dummies,  

Becoming a top consultant is as much about adopting a new behavioural attitude, as it is knowledge and technique. It is about being non-judgemental, listening to problems and offering possible solutions.

Most consultants actually work in-house in large organisations. Internal consultancy can deliver huge savings and improvements and can save organisations millions of pounds in external consulting fees.

Become qualified

You can work towards the CMI Level 7 Certificate in Professional Consulting.

Organisations that have sent participants on our Consulting Skills course include:
Barclays, Brighton and Hove City Council, British Gas, BSkyB, Canon, FIFA, Macmillan Cancer Support, Ministry Of Defence, Novartis, Royal Bank of Scotland, Shell, The Money Advice Service, Unilever, NHS.


1. Operating as a consultant

  • Consulting strategies
  • Consulting roles
  • Consulting one to one skills practices

2. Managing the consulting process

  • Networking
  • Exploratory interviews
  • Contract development
  • Set-up
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Presentation
  • Implementation
  • Consulting project principles
  • Working collaboratively with client teams

3. Problem solving

  • Problem solving process
  • Creative thinking techniques
  • Practical thinking tools

4. Research, data collection and analysis

  • Selecting the right methods
  • Designing questionnaires
  • Handling data
  • Analysing data

5. Organisation analysis

  • Selecting the right methods
  • Designing questionnaires
  • Handling data
  • Analysing data

6. Presenting findings and recommendations

  • Consulting pitches
  • Writing consulting reports
  • Presenting concepts and data
  • Consultant style presentations

7. Advanced influencing skills

  • Building credibility
  • Reading people
  • Gaining acceptance to proposals
  • Overcoming objections

8. Implementing change successfully

  • Gaining senior support
  • Gaining commitment at all levels
  • Supporting change
  • Reinforcing effective change

9. Marketing consultancy services (internal and external)

  • Matching services to needs
  • ‘Selling’ routes
  • Charging options
  • Assuring consulting quality


  • Comprehensive manual/toolkit
  • Process model for professional consultancy
  • 15 practical problem solving techniques
  • Easy techniques for effective client handling
  • The credibility building action plan
  • Organisational analysis tools
  • Work towards a CMI Level 7 Certificate in Professional Consulting
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